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The Rubbish World of Dave Spud - S2, S3

Maddie &Triggs 


Luo Bao Bei - S1, S2

Olobob Top - S1

Aliens love Underpants and Pantaclaus


Toot the Tiny Tug Boat

Llan ar gollen - S2



Kiva can do


Cyw a'i Ffrindiau

Jen a Jim Pob Dim

The Lingo Show

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Hey! I'm Beth and I'm a 2D Animator and Director

with 14 years experience in the industry. 


I studied Animation at the University of Glamorgan in 2010, and have worked on several children's series for Cbeebies, Milkshake, Netflix, ITV, Sky, Apple TV+ and S4C.


I've held several roles from Series Director, Animation Director, Storyboard Director and Script Writer have worked across all departments of production including design, rigging and animation. I predominantly work with and have extensive knowledge of CelAction but I am currently improving my knowledge of Toonboom as well.

I recently Co-Directing a short film I wrote 'The Hounds of Annwn' funded by FFilm Cymru Beacons, which is currently on the festival circuit and will be on BBC iPlayer later this year.


Outside of animation I love to create creepy art with inks and watercolours. I'm an avid gamer, playing everything from tabletop to computer games, especially play-testing the games my partner makes. 

I currently reside with two naughty Sphynx cats called Rincewind and Mortie.

For work availability and enquires please email

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